My Love/Hate (but mostly hate) Relationship With Skype

If it wasn’t for the ability to see my handsome fella via video chat on a near-daily basis, I’m not sure we’d be so madly in love and getting married in 30 days, but there are days I really hate Skype. And I mean HATE. I hate it like I hate the neighbor’s dog that chases my car everyday. The dog I secretly wish would get just close enough so that the problem would be solved forever (if you catch my drift).

Don’t send this blog to PETA. I’m a dog-lover AND a dog owner, but there’s something about dogs chasing my car that makes me go a little crazy, and unfortunately, Skype sometimes brings out the same level of craziness. Why? Because of the 5 things listed below that my fiancé and I say to each other all-too-often.

1. “Honey, you are frozen.”

2. “You’re breaking up. I didn’t hear you. Try again….”

3. “Every time you say, ‘Can you hear me?’ it’s fine. But as soon as you start trying to tell me your story for the hundredth time, you start breaking up again.”

4. Me: “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!?!?!” Him: “Right here on my couch. Waiting for you to call.” Me: “I’VE BEEN CALLING FOR AN HOUR!” Him: “Sorry, honey. It never rang.”

5. From me: “Honey, are you ok? I’ve been sending you messages all day and haven’t heard anything. Is anything wrong?”

From him: “Are you there? Where are you? I’ve checked my phone for messages all day and never saw anything, but didn’t want to bother you because I figured you were busy. Now I’m a little worried.”


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