I’m a bad influence

The German has an excellent grasp of the English language, but in case you didn’t know, English has a butt-load of words so he’s constantly learning new ones. Several weeks ago while he was venting about a guy he works with, I replied, “What a retard.” He asked what a retard was and I suggested he look it up. Sometimes he catches me off guard and my brain isn’t prepared to dole out definitions. So he looked up “retard” and commented with something like, “Wow, honey! I don’t think he’s really retarded!”

A couple weeks later while I was with him in Germany, we pulled into the grocery store parking lot and he began looking for a parking space. He found one, started to pull in, and said, “Oh shoot. I can’t park there. That space is for the retards.”

When my roaring laughter finally ceased I had to apologize for my bad influence and explain the proper (and not-so-proper) usages for the word “retard.” 


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  1. Jimena says:

    Ha ha! I can totally relate. I am so looking forward to read your adventure with your German man. I will miss you friend and I know you will be so happy 🙂

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