Baby Changing Stations

My husband is originally from Landshut, Germany (Germany’s very own LA). Of the few places I’ve had the privilege of visiting in Germany, LA is by far my favorite. Their downtown includes cobblestone streets, shops, an ornate church, a castle, brightly-colored buildings, outdoor cafes, and throngs of people. Something happens to my heart when I go there. It feels a little lighter and beats a little faster. The place is like a dream, and thankfully, we have family there so we get to visit often.

These pictures don’t come close to doing it justice since they were taken with my iPhone and through the car windshield, but you get the idea.


We visited downtown LA a few weeks ago with my husband’s cousin and his cousin’s girlfriend. It was a beautiful day. We’d just had a delicious dinner in the biergarten, and afterwards took a leisurely walk until we found ourselves standing in front of an Italian ice cream shop. We decided to sit outside at one of the many adorable bistro tables while soaking in some sun and devouring a few scoops of fruity amazingness that is Italian ice cream.

Ice Cream

The day was too beautiful and perfect to end it there so when our bellies were sufficiently full we began walking around and exploring the old buildings, all the while with the hilltop castle in view and the sun on our faces. During our walk, we engaged in light-hearted conversation and I expressed my sheer joy in discovering the weirdness of English through my husband’s attempts to develop his own English skills and understand me when I use colloquial phrases and idioms. To that, my husband’s cousin replied, “I know what you mean! The first time we visited America, we saw a sign for a Baby Changing Station outside the bathroom…”

He didn’t need to continue. I tossed back my head and let out a loud belly-laugh. He then went on to say, “I don’t like my baby. Let me change with you.” I was nearly laughing tears at this point. All I could say was, “Crap that’s hilarious. I never thought of that before!”

My enjoyment of this only increased when my husband looked at me blankly and said, “Honey… can you please explain to me what a baby changing station is?” I did and he didn’t believe me at first. It was so silly to him that he was sure I was making it up.

It was the perfect ending to an absolutely perfect day.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. foodessen says:

    That’s funny, I never thought of it that way before either. That should give you lots of future laughs, I’ll have to share that one with my husband!

    1. The sad thing is that we’ve had soooo many of these moments and I forget to write them down and share them with people. I need to be better about that! 🙂

  2. bevchen says:

    lol, this is hilarious! English really is a weird language sometimes.

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