Kelheim, Germany

Today I thought I’d take a break from the long-winded posts about various culture differences between Germans and Americans and instead tell about my latest outing with my husband (complete with pictures, of course).

I’ve mentioned several times in other posts that one of our favorite things to do is pick a town or village 1-2 hours away from us, and spend the day heading that direction while stopping to explore anything interesting we see along the way. Once we arrive at our destination, we spend a few hours exploring the area, and then we head home feeling satisfyingly worn out and happy.

Two summers ago, we visited the Befreiungshalle (Hall of Liberty) in Kelheim, and to this day, I still consider it one of the most magnificent things I’ve ever seen. From the very top of the memorial, you can look down and see all of Kelheim and the beautiful Donau (the Danube) winding it’s way through the amazing landscape. Ever since that moment, I’ve begged my husband to take me for a boat ride along the Danube, and yesterday my wish was finally fulfilled. Below are some of the pictures from our adventure. Enjoy! 🙂

I’ll start slow with a picture of the landscape. These yellow fields can be seen all over our area in the summers. The flowers are used to make canola oil, and I just can’t get enough of the bright, yellow cheerfulness of them!
Our view from the boat. At the top of the hill on the left, you can see the Befreiungshalle. It’s currently under construction so it’s not quite as magnificent as normal, but I still think it’s fabulous.
Moments like these remind me that I get to live in Europe, and I’m often still in such awe over that fact. I’ve heard of the Danube my whole life and now I’ve taken a boat trip on it! I think it’s the equivalent of my German husband taking a boat ride on the Mississippi.
After the boat ride, we walked across the longest wooden bridge in Europe.
The wooden bridge offers a perfect view to some old castle ruins. They can be seen at the top left of this photo. We’re heading there next…
The ruins up close.
We walked to the top of the tower for more incredible views that you’ll soon see!
Such incredible beauty. The walk to the top of the tower was well worth the effort. The bridge you see is the one we walked across earlier in the day. Spectacular!
More German beauty. The forests!!! Oh, the forests! 🙂
This fun carving was at the castle ruins.
My last photo of the day. I’ve never seen anything like this in Germany. You may not enjoy it, but I think it’s wonderful!

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  1. Jimena says:

    Always enjoy your posts 🙂
    Loved the place and this post makes me want to visit Europe more and more.

    1. YES! Come to Europe! (And bring Amber!) 🙂 I miss you, friend!

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